Linguistic Immersion

The success of our bilingual educational programme is endorsed by Cambridge English Language Assessment and Cambridge University Press. Since 2014 we have been recognized as a Cambridge English School, the first in Valladolid to receive this prestigious recognition.


Small Groups and Customized Learning

Educational excellence is made possible by a small number of students per classroom, in a ratio of  approximately 16/18 students per teacher.

2.0 Positive Education Project

With the ‘Happy Classroom’ project the students of the Colegio Internacional de Valladolid develop their personal strengths of wisdom and knowledge, courage, humanity, justice, moderation and transcendence.


Emotional Intelligence and Diversity

We believe that emotional skills can be learned and perfected throughout life if correct strategies are employed. For this reason our teaching process seeks to develop the skills of self-control, enthusiasm, empathy, perseverance and self-motivation.

AC2 Training

Selfconfidence, Creativity and Collaborative Learning. Throughout the different phases of education our students gain experience in these important areas of character development, endowing them with the necessary skills to engage in the ‘360º leadership’ style.


Multiple Intelligences

Our personalized educational project allows us to identify strengths and areas for improvement in each student.

Teaching for Excellence

The Colegio Internacional de Valladolid is a private, non-confessional bi-lingual school, teaching Pre-school (3-5 years), Primary, Secondary and Baccalaureate stages in English and Spanish. The School was founded in 1995 by a group of parents seeking a quality bilingual education for their own children. Our project emphasizes educational excellence in all areas.

In 2007 the Fundación del Colegio Internacional de Valladolid for Culture, Education and Sport, was constituted to promote research, development and innovation for the benefit of our pupils, and to encourage social outreach.
The School occupies 15,000 square metres located near the South ring road as it passes the Argales industrial zone near the principal arteries of the city. Our campus is made up of four buildings, recreation areas, and sporting facilities set in ample green zones which facilitate learning in an attractive environment.
Our quality education is complemented by a varied offer of extracurricular activities taught by an excellent team of professionals.
Since 2014 we have been members of a select group, Cambridge English Schools, nominated by Cambridge English Language Assessment. We are the first school in Valladolid, and one of the first in Spain, to obtain this recognition.

Educational Offer Instalations


What Sets Us Apart?

School Nurse

The incorporation of a School Nurse in 2011 in response to the growing needs of specific care and the promotion of preventive health education makes our School a pioneer in comprehensive care and specialization in health issues.
This service is run by a professional nurse with a University degree in Nursing. The Nurse is a specialist in Emergencies and Preventive Medicine, and provides correct attention to our students throughout the school day.


School of Music

The Colegio International of Valladolid considers music to ba a key element in the comprehensive development of our students. This has led us to the creation of our own School of Music. Methodology is adapted to the personality, tastes and needs of each student, adopting the best of each didactic method.
The School has six music rooms and a team of excellent professionals.

Summer School

During the month of July the Colegio International of Valladolid programmes courses for children between the ages of 3-12, taught by senior members of the staff. Our English Immersion Course is designed to promote the learning of English in a relaxed atmosphere in which students feel confident and motivated to understand and express themselves in a second language, with special emphasis on pronunciation and intonation in order to learn to communicate naturally and correctly.


Exchange Programmes

Beginning with Secondary our students have the opportunity to enrich their knowledge and broaden their sociocultural horizons by participating in various exchanges with prestigious schools in Indianapolis (USA), Berlin (Germany) and Vancouver (Canada)

Cabinet Guidance

We must emphasize the special attention that the International College of Valladolid dedicated to this field, with the aim to treat our students in an individual and personalized, adapted to the characteristics of each. From the Cabinet Guidance is offered adequate educational response for each case, carried out by a multidisciplinary team composed of a psychologist and a speech therapist and special education specialist.



Both the High School and Baccalaureate each year takes place a series of “Conversations” with distinguished guests representing many academic and professional disciplines that engage our students in an informal setting.

Language immersion

Bilingual Education

Since 2014 we have been members of a select group, Cambridge English Schools, nominated by Cambridge English Language Assessment. We are the first school in Valladolid, and one of the first in Spain, to obtain this recognition.

The Colegio Internacional de Valladolid, a pioneer of bilingual education in our city, has developed a linguistic immersion project based on four essential premises:

  • International teaching staff.
  • Small class size.
  • Curricular content in English.
  • International Exchange Programmes.
Tuition in English is carried out by an experienced team of teachers made up of staff from Canada, USA, UK, Ireland and Australia, who bring their own cultural and pedagogical heritage to enrich the school environment and promote multicultural immersion.

The delivery of curricular content in English by English-speaking teachers equipped with state of the art educational tools familiarizes students with the specific vocabulary of each subject, reinforces their educational level and broadens their comprehension and expression. The small number of students per class enables teachers to ensure the progress of each pupil in the acquisition of English as well as in all other subjects.

Since 2004 the Colegio International of Valladolid has worked closely with the Language Acquisition Lab of the University of Valladolid (UVA/LAL) in a major linguistic research project.
This is based on the fundamental thesis that language acquisition through curricular bilingualism produces an effective “sedimentation”, which shows that the accumulation of knowledge throughout the different educational stages produces real and affective bilingualism.

Para completar la formación lingüística del alumnado, el Colegio Internacional de Valladolid ofrece un Programa de Intercambios Internacionales Escolares, que además de abrir horizontes culturales de incalculable valor, proporciona el contexto idóneo para el perfeccionamiento del idioma en un entorno natural.
Los intercambios se realizan con el Park Tudor School de Indianápolis, EE. UU., la Southpointe Academy de Vancouver, Canadá, y el Katholische Schule Liebfrauen de Berlín, además de una visita turística y cultural a la ciudad de Londres.

Educación Bilingüe

We are working